We invest in

who are changing
the world
  • A technologist who:
  • Builds something quickly
  • Tests the boundaries of what can be done
  • Improves the status quo — against all odds
Investment Practices
Investors, users, and foundational community-members in the projects we back. Examples:

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How We Help
  • Hire engineers via our hack.jobs() community
  • Introductions to key advisors, partners, and experts via our network
  • Assistance with product strategy, tokenomics design
  • Peer-to-peer advice from founders in our network
  • Instant traction via our hack.summit() community (130,000 members strong)
  • Get expert advice in building your own community and content marketing
  • We are early network users, providing liquitiy and managing nodes via Hack Trading
  • Assistance with on-chain governance
Our Team
Former Founders, Operators, and Community-Builders