We are a web3
venture capital firm
  • A technologist who:
  • Builds something quickly
  • Tests the boundaries of what can be done
  • Improves the status quo — against all odds
A Full Stack Approach
Hack VC
  • Our core team comprises industry leaders specializing in critical areas like protocol design, tokenomics, software development, growth marketing, content, operations, and more. They're always a message away when you need them.
Hack Labs
  • We're early on-chain users of the protocols and builders we back. Our lab allows us to do that through bootstrapping liquidity, protocol and mechanism design, data analysis, and more.
Hack Jobs
  • A hiring platform to help founders access thousands of brilliant, talented engineers in our network: hack.jobs()
Hack Summit
  • A non-profit virtual conference for blockchain developers committed to educating builders of all backgrounds and skill levels. The summit provides founders with a global platform by fostering mentorship among the technical community and promoting thought leadership and collaboration within our global network: hack.summit()
Our Team
Former Founders, Operators, and Community-Builders